Friday, May 8, 2009


Ann Lowe is a painter and graphic designer who went to art school in London, England and lived for many years in New York City.  She has exhibited at Conlon-Siegel Gallery in Santa Fe and won a New Forms Regional Initiative Grant for her road signs she installed on HWY 61 in the Mimbres Valley near Silver City.  Her work is eclectic and she will stop at nothing to carry through her artistic visions, including an exhibit she convinced the Wal-mart manager to show in the crafts department called “I Found My Dreams in Wal-art.”  She is currently exploring her doodles and transforming them into classically executed oil paintings.  The resulting images are enigmatic and humorous.

Ann will show new abstract oil paintings in a series called “Marginalia.”  The images are based on her doodles and inspired by the odd drawings found in the margins of Medieval manuscripts.


Ann’s imagination Story Cards are a great tool to help unlock your creativity.  Make up fantastic stories with your family or friends.  Only $15.95.

Ann Lowe

1316 West St.

Silver City, New Mexico


Member of the 

Silver City Gallery Association

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