Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Tree Spirit.

The Tree Spirit
Digital photograph, 2007
Manuel Macarrulla

I'm entering a disruptive period in my life, with my upcoming move from the apartment I've occupied for the last year.  Not by desire, but by need, I will probably be forced to post content to this blog slightly less often for the next month, or month and a half.  Even now, I have some reviews in the works that I'd planned for the recent past. Among these is my second feature on a piece of public art in New York, a feature I'm very eager to maintain.  As soon as I can draft these, I will.

I would like to get contributions of intelligent, lively and sensitive commentary on art from colleagues, or from any source.  If you, as a viewer of this blog, have something you feel is worthy that you'd like to share, by all means, contact me and I'll consider it.  Beyond supporting the posting frequency, the inclusion of such commentary by other voices would spice the readers' diet.

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