Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Announcing: Andrew Zarou Collages at the Brooklyn Public Library

Andrew Zarou is showing 10 works, all abstract collages, at the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.  All of the pictures were executed between 2008-2009.  In them, he tries to express his wonderment about the (to him) meaningless abstraction he found in certain radio signals.  In his artist’s statement, Mr. Zarou explains, “...I can recall listening, spellbound, to these signals.  I rediscovered numbers station radio signals from the cold war era... on my shortwave radio.  The seemingly random, but repetitive, tests of numbers and odd tone sequences riveted me....”  

The show, displayed is in the building’s second floor balcony cases will run through June 13, 2009.

Travel information: #2 or #3 Train to Grand Army Plaza.

Library Hours: Mon. 9-6; Tues.-Thurs. 9-9; Fri. 9-6.  Sun. closed.

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